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05 November 2009 @ 03:37 pm

L was sitting quietly eating some peanut butter cups when he saw some pink dust or what he thought was pink dust come from behind his tea cup. L looked over the cup to see
what it was and it was Misa. She was bouncing with exitment. "L!" She exlaimed throwing her arms in the air and flying up and twirling around yet making pink dust get everywhere. Kind of like skydancers, those barbies that twirled in the air when you pressed a button. "What Misa?" He said gaping at her. Misa giggled exitedly. "Well since you've been a good detective you get one wish~." She said. L stared blankly at her. "One wish?" He asked chewing on his thumbnail. Misa nodded swiftly. "Then I'd like a cup of coffee." He said draining his tea. "Now hang on L! I'm not Matsuda!" She said crossing her arms. "But you said I could have a wish and I wish for some more coffee." He said.

Misa groaned and flicked her wand that was covered in pink ribbons and stars.
07 October 2009 @ 08:14 pm
Koumi had sat them both down. It was unusual for them to go on a mission together. Kanda preferred going by himself, but it wasn't that he minded going with Lenalee. He just hadn't ever gone with a woman before. Much less Lenalee. He sat listening with his arms crossed over his chest head to the side. Lenalee sat legs crossed beside him listening as well and taking in the map in front of them. Koumi explained everything well enough. Kanda with a tilt of his head the next morning told Lenalee it was time to go. He never needed to tell her anything. She already knew without words. They waited on the train platform in the bitter cold wind as it slowly came to a stop. Kanda took a liberty and threw both of their suitcases on the rack in a compartment while a finder was outside of it. Lenalee sat near the window with a dreamy expression. Kanda watched her out of his half closed eyes wondering what she was daydreaming about. He took in the high colour in her cheeks, the rich colour of her hair and her bright eyes. Then he quickly stopped asking himself what the hell he was doing.

It was in a remote snowy country. The trees were covered in ice and some of it set into the bark. It hung off the trees in small icicles and just before some fell, it sounded like shattering glass just before they fell. It was all beautiful but it was also dangerous. They walked slowly careful not to get hit by the falling ice. Lenalee had brought a long tight coat with the hood drawn over her head. She had a pair of heavy boots over her usual heels. Kanda wore his usual coat the cold not seeming to bother him to much. They looked for the Innocence fragment or any signs of attacks. If there was any it was all covered by layers of snow. They had dug a few feet for ashes or maybe even the fragment but nothing showed. They went back to a cabin that they were using at the moment well after dark.

Lenalee could tell he was frustrated so she made them both a hot cup of coffee to try to make him feel a little better. She knew he hated to fail. She had the dreamy expression again as she sat wrapped in a blanket staring into the fire. Without really meaning to, Kanda looked at her.

He felt a sudden feeling flame up inside him as he looked at her. Just like the high flames in the fire. Then he shoke his head again trying to shake the feeling. He had never actually noticed how pretty she was. No pretty wasn't right. Beautiful was. He himself knew she was pretty which was why he seemed so protective of her. "Why are you so dreamy?" He asked without wanting to.

Lenalee looked at him as if she was surprised. Kanda had never asked her such a question and he never talked. She smiled a little and pulled her legs a little closer along with her hot mug. "I just like to think of the days ahead. After this war. When I get married, what kind of children I'll have. It keeps my mind of the war and loss of friends....." She said.

This answer shocked Kanda a little. He hadn't expected such an in depth answer. She had really thought about the future. Then a sudden thought came to his head. Who did she have in mind to get married to? He knew it was none of his business but he couldn't help but wonder.

It had taken him a long time to get the courage to ask her. "Who do you plan to get married to?" He asked almost in a whisper. He had wished he hadn't said it and with a vain hope, hopped she hadn't heard.

Lenalee looked up. "Well no one ever asked me that before...I did have someone in mind." She confessed. She put her hand to her mouth her index finger touching her bottom lip. Her eyes off to the side and a mix of a dreamy expression mixed with some embarrassment.

"Did?" He asked throaty whisper. His heart beated faster and he felt nervous. His eyes widened slightly and his eyebrows shot up. He told himself to relax and then felt his hands get sweaty. The mug in his hand suddenly felt to hot to hold. He quickly put it down trying to pass it off as his normal behavior.

"Yes. But he doesn't seem to care to much for me. He..." She said and paused. Her dreamy expression was replaced with one with a deep sadness. She looked like a crushed child.

Kanda felt his heart give a tug of pain. He moved toward her. He really cared. He wanted to make her feel better, and he wanted to kick the guy's ass for making her feel like this. But he didn't really know how. "Who was it?" He asked after a period of painful silence.

Lenalee was hesitant to answer. She looked confused and scared almost. "You." She managed with a sad smile. She looked deeply hurt. Her eyes showed she felt a childish sadness.

Kanda's heart skipped several beats. He hadn't expected this. "I never meant to hurt you Lenalee. I'm sorry." He said with a look of pain.

Lenalee tipped her head back on the wall as if to make the sadness she was feeling go back into it. "It's alright Kanda." She said trying to force the pain out of her voice.

"No it's not. I love you. I always have." He said finally saying the very thing he wouldn't even say to himself.

Lenalee looked up at him with a happy surprised expression. Tears of happiness came to her eyes.

Kanda came closer and hugged her to him. He felt her tears soak through the blanket. "I love you too!" She said through her tears.

Kanda felt a feeling of peace all through out him as he held her. Something only she could make him feel. Then a little later when she had gotten through crying, he wiped away her tears and kissed her fully on the lips.

The next day when the snow had stopped they found the Innocence fragment and went home.

Of course Koumi had to bring out his giant robots when the new lovers came back handclasped.
02 October 2009 @ 12:55 pm
Warnings: None

Summary: This is my characterization of Kanda. It's an angst fest basically. <3

He sat in his solitary room leaning on a wall with his head uplifted. He felt all the sorrow and bitterness drain out of him. His long black hair covering his face and the middle of it was damp. The very faint pink light was the only light in the room. He hated this. He had always hated it. Sometimes he wished he was fully dead. Why is this proud samauri crying? Well maybe he doesn't want to be a proud samarui today or someone's tool for a war. He was just a sad boy today.
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28 September 2009 @ 07:42 pm
Kk here's some KandaxLenalee I found by luck on Pixiv.

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08 September 2009 @ 02:16 pm
Here's some art I found on a site called Pixiv. c:

83 It's amazing~
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06 September 2009 @ 07:52 pm
This is a high school setting.

Lenalee dumped her empty lunch tray into the plastic trash bin. She got her stuff off the table. Just another normal day at high school. "Ahhh Yu-chan you should join the fun!" A loud voice sounded. Lenalee looked up at the mention of Kanda's first name. Kanda was a senior who was best friends with the loud and flirtatious Lavi. Lavi was the school's jock. He was every girl's not so secret crush, and Kanda was the one that everyone seemed to be afraid of. Though he never said a word to anyone else besides Lavi there was something that about him that told people to stay away from him. "Don't call me Yu." Kanda said from his table. He sat on the table with his jacket off and his hair tied back into a ponytail. Lavi only laughed and turned to his friends again. Lenalee was walking towards door when she was knocked into a wall near the door. One of Lavi's rough friends again. She sighed and got up. Kanda had just happen to look over at that time. He got swiftly up from the table and walked over to the guy that was still oblivious to her. Lenalee was to busy repacking her bag to notice. Kanda shoved the guy hard in the arm. "Don't knock people around." He said in a low voice. Only the guy and Lenalee had heard it. She felt her heart jump when she heard his voice so near. She stood up and left before he could see her red face.

Lenalee had decided to study in the library for a while with her friend Miranda.

"Are you ever going to ask Kanda-kun out?" Miranda asked her. Miranda was the only one that she had a crush on Kanda.

Lenalee sighed and put her pen down in half annoyance. "No....I mean Seniors don't date Freshmen. He'd probably just laugh at me..." She said.

Miranda didn't say anything after that but Lenalee had yet another encounter with Kanda.

Okay I will do this later I can hardly keep my eyes open. @_@
06 September 2009 @ 03:09 pm

When Beyond woke he felt dizzy. He sat up and then walked over to a stair rail. Below it stood a man with wild dark hair. He wore baggy blue jeans and a long white sleeve shirt. He stood semi-straight, and the bags he could see even from the stair rail. Beyond jumped over the stair rail without a care and he made a loud whooshing sound as he landed. He slowly walked over to the man. They were close enough to almost kiss. "You are in my personal space B." The man said finally after a few moments. Beyond suddenly smelt something he hadn't smelt since he killed those people. Blood. But no one was bleeding. "Your blood smells like justice." Beyond said.
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